Will My License Be Suspended If I Don’t Pay My TOLL-BY-PLATE Ticket? 

 August 24, 2015

By  LMW Attorneys

Gone are the days of scrounging for change in your car’s cupholder and between the seats to pay for a tollin Florida at least. With the induction of TOLL-BY-PLATE, drivers traveling from Florida City to Miramari in Miami-Dade County are now tolled via their plate rather than stopping to pay the toll.

TOLL-BY-PLATE uses an image-based electronic system that uses photographs of a vehicle’s license plate to identify the customer responsible for the payment. This way, drivers can quickly go through a toll, making tollways more efficient.

Will My License Be Suspended If I Don’t Pay My TOLL-BY-PLATE Ticket?

If you have used TOLL-BY-PLATE, you may be wondering about the consequences of not paying the fee once it has been issued to you. According to the official TOLL-BY-PLATE website, not paying a TOLL-BY-PLATE ticket can result in the following consequences:

“Failure to pay the initial Invoice by the due date will result in the assessment of an additional $2.50 administrative charge and the issuance of a second Invoice. Failure to pay the second invoice by the due date can result in the toll and administrative fee amounts being assigned to a collection agency which will add additional fees to the balance owed. Additionally, the Department is authorized under Florida Statutes to place a Registration Hold on the license plate of the registered owner of the vehicle and may also issue a Uniform Traffic Citation to the vehicle’s owner. To learn more about how to pay your bill, please click below on the name of the collection agency that sent you a collection notice.”

Frequently Asked Question About TOLL-BY-PLATE

How Is The Toll Paid?

A: When a motor vehicle passes through a toll collection facility and the toll payment is not made by either using cash or an electronic transponder, a photographic image of the vehicle’s license plate will be captured at the toll lane. The first-listed registered owner of that vehicle will receive an invoice in the mail for the accumulated toll amounts and a $2.50 administrative charge.

Can I Save Money on Tolls With TOLL-By-PLATE?

A: The TOLL-BY-PLATE program does not provide toll reductions. But, SunPass customers typically pay less than TOLL-BY-PLATE or cash customers at toll plazas and exits on most Florida toll roads and bridges. SunPass customers pay less than cash customers because the SunPass Prepaid Toll Program is a more efficient method of collecting tolls.

How Would I Dispute a Toll?

A: An invoice or transaction dispute request must be made within 90 days of the toll transaction. Disputes may be made in writing, in person, or by telephone. All disputes are subject to review and approval by FDOT and may require additional documentation or evidence from the customer.”

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