How Will Having a Criminal Record Affect My Job Search? 

 January 23, 2014

By  LMW Attorneys

Being faced with criminal charges is definitely frightening. You are worried about what the consequences are going to be, and even more, you’re feeling a great deal of remorse for the decisions that you made. On top of that, you are thinking about the long term. Even if you do have a sentence to serve, you envision that you’ll be back in society at some point. When that time comes, you will want to obtain a job. How is having a criminal record going to affect your job search?

Well, when you are dealing with finding an answer to this question, you really want to consult with a criminal attorney before doing anything else. By having this conversation, you can obtain a more fuller sense of what your options are and how your future, particularly in terms of a job search, is going to be affected. You also will be able to discuss different levels of penalties that you could be faced with, and you may be able to get a lesser sentence.

In any case, the effect that your criminal record has on your job search is really going to depend upon a number of factors. The severity of the crime you committed is going to play a major role. The more severe the crime was, the more difficult it will be for you to obtain a job. While you cannot change this element, you can look into positions that are more open to and willing to work with someone who is in your situation.

Choosing the Correct Field

Of course, the specific job that you want will have a large role as well. For example, working as a teacher or in a daycare center might be very difficult if you have any sort of criminal record. Therefore, you should begin to narrow down the jobs that will make sense for you once you are able to get back into the job market. You may wish to speak with a counselor about some of the possibilities that are available to people who have committed whatever crime you have been charged with.

Additionally, you will also have to consider what the particular company’s policy is on hiring people with criminal records. Even if certain industries tend to veer away from hiring individuals with your record, you might find that slightly different standards exist from company to company.