How to Get House Arrest Instead of Jail Time 

 June 16, 2015

By  LMW Attorneys

After being convicted of a crime, there are several alternatives to sentencing you may be eligible for other than incarceration. Sometimes, in place of going to jail or in addition to serving time behind bars, you may be eligible to receive house arrest. These alternatives give non-violent offenders the chance they deserve to serve their time without taking away all of their freedoms.

Many people are interested in house arrest, but are unsure of how to receive it. In most cases, you must meet a certain set of criteria to receive house arrest.

House Arrest Rules & Conditions

The conditions of house arrest may vary. In most cases, the person is not confined to their home at all times. In fact, most individuals are allowed to go to work, school, religious services, doctor’s appointments and even grocery stores. There are generally restrictions on when they are allowed to leave the house, and many times events must be pre-approved.

What’s so great about house arrest is that it allows individuals to be productive members of society while serving their sentence. You can have a job, further your education and keep in contact with family while “serving time.” For these reasons, many people prefer house arrest.

House Arrest Rules & Qualifications

Anyone can request to be put on house arrest. However, it is usually only given to those who meet a certain criteria. Generally, those who are considered for house arrest include:

– First offenders
– Non-violent offenders
– Juvenile offenders
– Those with a strong employment history

If you meet any of these criteria, then you may be considered for house arrest. In most cases, a judge will sentence someone to house arrest when jail is too harsh of a punishment, but parole is too lenient.

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How Does House Arrest Work?

House arrest is a fairly simple concept. Rather than serving time in jail, convicts are confined to their house and their movements are tracked using electronic ankle bracelets. These tracking bracelets allow the government to know where an individual is at all times.

How to Get House Arrest Instead of Jail Time

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