What To Do After a Car Accident 

 January 31, 2017

By  LMW Attorneys

Even the most careful of drivers can find themselves involved in traffic accidents. When an accident occurs, it is important to remain calm and make sure a few simple guidelines are followed. Doing so will help prevent emotions from spiraling out of control or forgetting to do something that will ultimately help resolve the issue.

If you are involved in a car accident, keep the next steps in mind.

1. Report the Accident

Call 911 and report the accident as quickly as possible. Provide the location of the accident, citing the name of the street and the number of the block. If the accident is at an intersection, provide the names of both streets. In the event that someone is injured, make sure that you provide that information during the call. This will make it easier for the dispatcher to arrange for emergency medical treatment along with notifying the police.

2. Take Pictures

It is always helpful to keep a disposable camera in your glove compartment if you don’t already have a camera on your cell phone. This allows you to take pictures of the damage done to both vehicles. You also want to take pictures that help to show the exact position of the cars at the time of the impact. All this data will come in handy later when the insurance companies begin to work through the details.

If you have a handheld device that includes a camera, take as many shots as possible. You can always email them to your main email address later. Those same images can also be forwarded to your insurance agent and an attorney if possible. Keep in mind the images should clearly show the scope of the damage and provide visual evidence of the positioning of the vehicles.

3. Move the Cars

If no one is seriously injured and the damage to the cars is somewhat minor, it is fine to move them to the curb. This will make it easier for other motorists to get around the accident site.

4. Exchange Information

While you wait for the police to arrive, exchange insurance information with the other driver. Provide your name, address, contact information and the name of your insurance provider. You can also provide the name of your agent.

5. File an Accident Report

The police will arrive and begin to take the information regarding the particulars of the accident. That data will be used to create a permanent record of the activity, known as an accident report. You will be asked to sign the document before leaving the scene. Read over all the details and make sure they are complete and correct. Typically, you can obtain a copy of the report in 24 to 48 hours after the accident.

6. Notify Your Insurance Agent

Call your insurance agent as soon as the police are finished with the initial investigation. In many instances, your agent can handle the process of obtaining a copy of the accident report, arranging for your car to be towed to a repair shop and handle the details of filing the claim.

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