What Not To Do While Under Probation 

 September 23, 2015

By  LMW Attorneys

Probation is a suspension of a criminal sentence that allows a person who has been convicted of a crime to pay their debt to society without actually serving time in jail. In exchange for this, the convicted person must follow a set of conditions ordered by a court. These conditions may include performing community service, regularly reporting in to a probation office, avoiding the use of drugs or alcohol, and staying away from certain people. It’s also very important that a person on probation show up on time to any court ordered appearances.

Probation is Beneficial

Being on probation is a privilege that allows the convicted person to avoid a more serious penalty. However, it’s crucial that the individual under probation adheres to rules to avoid ending up in jail. Anyone whose probation is threatened should call in skilled legal help for representation.

What Can’t You Do While on Probation?

In order to stay out of jail, there are some things that the convicted person must not do. They include:

– Break the terms of the probation order in any way. This is crucial in order to avoid possible jail time. A probation order will have certain restrictions laid out in a specific case, and violation of any part of the order can result in serious penalties.

– Miss a scheduled court appearance.

– Miss a meeting with a probation officer.

– Commit another crime.

– Get arrested for another crime.

– Sell or be caught in possession of illegal drugs.

– Leave the state without permission from the probation officer.

– Spend time in a certain place or with certain people in violation of the probation order.

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Again, the key to staying within the realm of safety when on probation is to conscientiously follow the terms of probation and to always check in with the probation officer. Doing this will avoid all kinds of difficult situations that can lead to serious consequences. Expert legal help from the firm of Laporte, Mulligan & Werner-Watkins can help. Contact us today.

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