What If I Get Injured During My Lunch Break? 

 August 20, 2015

By  LMW Attorneys

If you step out of work to grab a quick bite and you trip and fall, you might wonder if you’re eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The quick answer: no. Unfortunately, to claim any workers’ compensation benefits, your injury or illness has to be a direct result of job duties or your employment relationship. Still, work-related injuries don’t always occur at work and just because you are on lunch break when you injure yourself does not make you ineligible to claim benefits. Read more below:

Injuries That Occur During a Working Lunch

If you are at work, performing work duties when your accident occurs, you should be covered under workers compensation even if you were eating a sandwich when you were injured. Since you were at work, performing work duties, and experienced a work-related injury, a working lunch should be treated as a regular workers comp case.

Accidents at Work-Sponsored Events

Say your company hosts or caters a lunch meeting, or any other kind of event on company property, or even has an off-site event where employees are expected to attend. If an accident occurs, workers compensation can still apply. Injuries that happen during any company-sponsored event, even off-site, can still fall under workers compensation because they are part of your employment relationship, especially if employee attendance is mandatory.

If You Hurt Yourself at the Company Cafeteria

If your company has an on-site cafeteria, you might think this is an employee perk. However, keeping employees nearby, even during meals, benefits the employer, too. Not to mention, if the company owns and runs the cafeteria, they are still responsible for any injuries that occur on the premises. If you slip and fall while dining at the company cafeteria, seek legal counsel to make sure you’re covered.

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