What Do I Do if My License is Suspended? 

 September 1, 2014

By  LMW Attorneys

In the state of Florida alone, nearly 4.6 million drivers have a suspended license or some sort of revocation. It’s important to know the status of your license because driving while your license is suspended can lead to serious repercussions including fines and even jail time. If you’re unsure whether or not your license is suspended, it’s best to call the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to determine if you can legally drive. Sometimes individuals don’t realize their license has been suspended and are smacked with legal fees and a “driving while license suspended” charge. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by reading below.

Why Is My License Suspended?

If you think your license may be suspended, it’s best to check with your local DMV before driving anywhere. The Department of Motor Vehicles, Secretary of State, Department of Revenue, or the Motor Vehicle Division can suspend drivers’ licenses. There are numerous reasons why your license could be suspended or revoked, so if you have incurred any of the following, you should check the status of your license right away:

Driving Record Points: If you have points on your license, it may have been suspended. In Florida, if you incur 12 points within 12 months, you run the risk of your license being suspended for 30 days. The penalties increase as points accumulate—24 points incurred within a period of 36 months could mean a one year suspension.

Tickets: If you have accumulated multiple tickets from traffic violations or speeding, your license may be suspended.

DUI: Getting a DUI or DWI typically results in a license suspension of at least one year.

Other Reasons: Other things can result in your license being suspended such as failing to meet the minimum vision requirements, failing to appear in court, failing to pay fees or child support, and failing to have proof of insurance if involved in an accident.

What Should I Do if My License is Suspended?

If your license is suspended, you should by no means drive anywhere. A suspended license means it is illegal for you to operate a motor vehicle and if you’re pulled over, you could face harsh penalties. It’s best to contact the DMV and see what your options are. You will be able to get the information you need to reinstate your license in the future. Depending on the reason why your license was suspended, you may be eligible for a hardship license.

Driving while your license is suspended is not to be taken lightly. If you were caught driving with a suspended license, you may need the help of a legal professional. The experienced team at LMW Attorneys can help guide you through your situation. For more information on the punishments for driving with a suspended license, call LMW Attorneys today at 727-478-4125.