An Update on the Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Florida 

 May 14, 2014

By  LMW Attorneys

Florida’s medical marijuana fight is shifting into high gear. We are nearing a vote to amend our state’s constitution with poll numbers indicating a victory is possible. However, forces are also moving against the initiative.

Florida Sheriffs Campaigning Against Marijuana

The Florida Sheriff’s Association is looking for the support of fellow Florida Sheriffs to prevent the legalization of the drug. The Association argues that other states that have legalized marijuana are reporting an increase in both crime and traffic accidents. They also argue that medical legalization of this drug will make it easier for our youths to gain access to marijuana, and that the amendment’s hidden agenda is to pave the way for the legalization of recreational marijuana in Florida.

Moving Forward in the Legislature

Votes for and against the use of medical marijuana are flooding the committees of the House and Senate. The marijuana bill focuses on legalizing a non-euphoric strain of marijuana called Charlotte’s Web. This strain of the drug is used to improve the quality of life for children who suffer from seizures.

If the medical marijuana bill for Charlotte’s Web is vetoed, or doesn’t pass, then medical marijuana legalization in Florida still has another chance. In November of this year there will be a medical marijuana amendment on the ballot, and it only needs 60% of the public voters support to move forward.

A New Opponent

Florida’s Surgeon General, Doctor John Armstrong, recently joined the opposition of the bill. He brought up new, important issues of the quality assurance and research for drug. Warning people to be wary of the unintended consequences.

Although the Surgeon General opposes the bill, supporters remain optimistic. It looks as if a prediction regarding the outcome of this bill will be difficult to formulate.

With both strong support and opposition regarding the drug’s medicinal use in Florida, we will simply need to wait until November for the outcome.