Understanding Florida Second-Time DUI Penalties 

 February 28, 2014

By  LMW Attorneys

If you are a Florida resident and have been convicted of a second DUI it is important that you understand the consequences and penalties put in place in Florida’s DUI laws. Consequences range from increased fines to jail time and loss of the license altogether. Below is a short overview of the penalties that you might face for a second DUI.

1. Fines

Floridians who have been convicted of a second DUI will face a variety of fines and fees. Basic fines imposed will be at least $500.00 but will not exceed $1,000.00. Drivers will also be subject to fees imposed to have licenses reinstated, which can total more than $200.00.

2. Jail Time

Individuals convicted of a non-aggravated DUI can also face up to nine months in jail. For individuals who are convicted of a DUI with aggravated circumstances such as causing an accident or injury to another person can face multiple years behind bars.

3. License Revocations

Those who are convicted of a second DUI within 5 years of their first are also subject to license revocations of up to five full years. During this time, individuals will be unable to receive driving privilege reinstatement for any reason including hardship until after the first year of revocation is served. The full revocation period must be solved in every case and drivers may not drive for any reason until they have had their privileges at least partially reinstated.

4. Harder License Requirements

Individuals who seek to have their licenses reinstated are usually required to complete a court mandated DUI School, drug and alcohol treatment plans, and, for those seeking a hardship reinstatement, also need to receive a favorable recommendation from the Special Supervision Services Program. Additionally, those who achieve a hardship reinstatement must remain in the Special Supervision Services Program for the rest of their revocation period. If individuals do not continue under the supervision of the Program, then they are subject to the loss of hardship driving privileges.

For those who wish to reinstate their license after the revocation period, they must show that they have completed or are enrolled in the DUI school as well as any court mandated treatment plans. If the course is not completed within 90 days after the license is reinstated then drivers are subject to a renewed revocation period.

Additionally, drivers who are convicted of a second DUI must show proof of personal liability coverage of at least $100,000 per person, $300,000.00 per occurrence, and at least $50,000.00 for property damage.

If you live in the New Port Richey area and have been arrested on or convicted of charges relating to your second DUI, please call us today so that we can help you understand your right and obligations under Florida law.