Traffic Tickets: Fight or Fold? 

 January 27, 2016

By  LMW Attorneys

Many drivers don’t realize just how expensive and time-consuming a traffic ticket can be. In addition to the initial DMV fines and fees, you could be facing higher insurance premiums, traffic school or even a license suspension. Here is a look at just a few of the situations in which drivers should consider contacting an attorney to fight their ticket.

Arrests Have Been Made

In some cases, a driver can be arrested on the spot and their car can be impounded after having been pulled over by a police officer. Anyone that is arrested should ask to speak with an attorney and refrain from saying anything to the officers without legal defense present. Attempting to talk your way out of a ticket or getting arrested can likely hurt your case in the long run. A driver that is suspected being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will immediately be arrested and required to take a chemical BAC test.

Tickets That Could Result in Points on Your License

The state of Florida uses a point system to track driving violations. Points are generally placed on one’s license for tickets such as speeding, reckless driving, passing a stopped school bus and other moving violations that could result in an accident. For every point that a driver receives, their insurance rates will skyrocket and they will come closer to having their license suspended. A driver who racks up two or three tickets over the course of a year could face a potential license suspension.

If an Accident Has Occurred

Officers are often called to the scene of an accident in order to make a report, and they can issue tickets if they believe a traffic violation has taken place. They can also make an arrest if they believe any crime, such as driving under the influence, has been committed. Drivers should immediately contact an attorney after being involved in any accident that has resulted in injuries or arrest. These situations can quickly escalate into expensive and life-altering legal battles that could haunt a driver for years on end.

Fight Your Ticket With Laporte, Mulligan & Werner-Watkins, P.A.

Fighting a traffic ticket is an incredibly complex process for the average driver. If you have recently received a ticket and are unsure of where to turn, then please contact Laporte, Mulligan & Werner-Watkins, P.A. today to begin building your case. Our team of legal experts is here to help you understand the law and get the justice you deserve.