Top 5 Most Common Traffic Violations 

 July 2, 2013

By  LMW Attorneys

Getting a traffic ticket is not fun at all. It costs plenty of money and can be a black mark on your driving record for years to come. Knowing the more common traffic violations is a great way to keep yourself more aware. It can help guard your wallet and driving record against future problems. The laws are for everyone’s safety, not just the driver’s.

1. Tailgating

Tailgating is a common occurrence that can warrant a ticket. Following another car too closely is a safety hazard for both the driver and the car in front of the driver. If a car has to make a sudden turn or stop, the tailgater could easily hit the back of the car they are following.

2. Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is a blanket term that covers a lot of areas, but the key point is that it is driving dangerously without considering other drivers on the road. If one is trying to do a lot of things at once, mistakes can happen that can be considered as reckless driving. Drop the multitasking and instead focus on the road.

3. Improper or Unsafe Lane Changes

Improper or unsafe lane changes creates a hazard for everyone on the road. Using your turn signal correctly helps alert other drivers of your intentions on the highways. Make sure there is enough room to change lanes, and it’s legal to do so, and this violation will not be an issue.

4. Running a Red Light

Running a red light is an incredibly common, but dangerous traffic issue. A yellow light means the light will turn red and drivers should stop if they can, not try to beat the light. On a similar note, a stop sign is another common problem in this category. A stop sign requires the driver to stop at the sign, not just slow down and roll through.

5. Speeding

Speeding remains the biggest problem for drivers. Speed limit signs are posted everywhere, so take heed. Be sure to look up state laws for residential speed limits in case they are not commonly posted. Many accidents and tickets can be avoided by driving the speed limit.

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