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Shoplifting/theft charges carry a wide range of sentences from court costs to probation, jail or even prison. The amount of or value of the merchandise in question determines the degree of the charge. Civil theft statute allows retail stores to collect triple the damages plus attorney fees even if merchandise is recovered.

We can help sort through the letters you will get from the retail store threatening a lawsuit if the civil penalty is not paid to the store.
Theft of merchandise valued at more than $300.00 is a felony. Generally, any theft where merchandise is valued at less than $300.00 is a misdemeanor. However, some other circumstances including prior thefts can turn a misdemeanor charge into a felony.

Burglaries of homes or businesses are more serious theft charges and are usually felonies. Restitution (returning of property or payment for merchandise) can be a very important factor in resolving theft cases. This is where your attorney can help facilitate a more positive outcome.

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