The Gunshine State: Florida Open-Carry Bill Is Officially Dead 

 March 14, 2016

By  LMW Attorneys

An open-carry debate has been taking place in Florida over recent months. However, according to a report in the Miami New Times, the controversial bill that would have allowed Floridians with concealed-carry permits to openly carry handguns has died in a Senate committee recently.

Chair of Judiciary Committee Stops Open-Carry Bill

Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portillaa Republican who chairs the Florida Senate’s Judiciary announced that Florida’s proposed open-carry bill is dead. In early February, the open-carry bill passed in a House vote. However, as Chairman of the Committee, Senator Diaz de la Portilla has the power to stop a bill from going to the Senate for a vote.

The Senator also killed another gun bill that would have allowed Floridians to carry guns in airport terminals, and previously blocked a bill that would have allowed people to carry concealed weapons on college campuses.

A Patchwork of National Handgun Carry Rules

When it comes to how and when firearms may be openly carried, the federal government does not play a part in regulation. Most state laws have some restrictions on what firearms—and handguns in particularmay be carried and by whom.

In thirty states, anyone who can own a handgun can carry it openly without a permit. Florida, however, is one of several states where open-carry is banned without a special permit.

Scope of Gun Carry Laws Varies Nationwide

Florida’s proposed open-carry law would have only applied to handguns, and only to handgun owners with concealed-carry permits. Some states have open-carry laws that are more permissive, allowing loaded semi-automatic rifles and shotguns to be carried in public.

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