Surprising Florida Laws That Can Get You in Trouble 

 January 21, 2016

By  LMW Attorneys

Surprising Florida Laws That Can Get You in Trouble

Many people consider themselves law-abiding citizens because they employ common sense and a basic code of ethics, but don’t be so sure. Common sense is often relative, and people typically have different opinions on the subject. Some of the laws currently in effect in New Port Richey, Florida may not be quite as common sense as you would think. Check out these interesting Florida laws that may surprise you, so you don’t find yourself giving us a call for something you didn’t know was illegal!

Cow-Tipping Laws in Florida

Agriculture is a booming industry in the Sunshine State, and going “cow-tipping” has been popularized for many by Hollywood movies.  But you may want to think twice before you and your friends go on a late night horse tipping adventure, as in Florida it is punishable by third-degree felony to trip, falls, rope or lasso the legs of a horse.

Florida Pet Laws and Regulations

Baby chicks and bunnies are adorable and make popular pets around the Easter holiday. But did you know, it is illegal in Florida to sell chicks and rabbits for pets that are under 4 weeks old? It’s also interesting to note that additionally, it is illegal to dye animals that are under 12 weeks of age.

BB Gun Laws in Florida

Looking for a fun afternoon spent shooting targets with a paintball, BB or pellet gun?  Sure, it’s fun and popular to strap on safety gear and shoot these gas powered guns as a recreational sport, but in New Port Richey, FL it is illegal to fire these or any gas powered gun within the city limits.

Florida Swimming Laws

Swimming is a popular way to escape the Florida heat, but before you strip town to your swim trunks and dive in make sure the body of water you are about to submerge yourself in is not a lake. In Port Richey, Florida, it is unlawful to fish or swim in the waters of the lakes within city limits.

Animal Laws in Florida

It takes a lot of willpower to resist the temptation to reach out and pet a dog or horse. They are such lovable animals. Resist you must, it is unlawful to pet a police dog or horse that is on duty.

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