Why You Should Seek an Expungement of Your Criminal Record 

 November 24, 2014

By  LMW Attorneys

Expungement is the process of having your record “cleared” after you have been arrested or convicted. Your criminal record is virtually erased and the crimes that occurred appear as if they had never happened. After your criminal record has been expunged, you no longer have to disclose your past criminal history to any potential employers or landlords.

Why Should I Have My Record Expunged?

After you have been convicted of a crime, your record will haunt you. 92% of large employers in the United States run background checks on potential employees, and most of them will not hire those convicted of a crime.

Landlords also have the right to know if you have been convicted of a felony and can refuse to allow you to be a tenant. Also, anyone can look you up and have access to your criminal records. Friends, family and acquaintances all have access to your criminal record.

Luckily, having your record expunged can act as a do-over button for your life. Getting rid of your criminal record can give you a chance at having a clean slate. No longer will you be plagued by the negative stigma of being an individual with a criminal record.

Am I Eligible to Have My Record Expunged?

The number one question people have about record expungement is, who is eligible? There are a few requirements that must be met in order to have a record expunged. The individual must NOT:

  • Have been previously convicted of more than one misdemeanor or felony.
  • Have previously sealed or expunged their criminal record.
  • Be under current court-ordered supervision.
  • Have an instance of being adjudicated as a juvenile.
  • Have been convicted of a crime eligible for expungement under Florida law.

Most individuals with a criminal record of a violent or sexual nature, especially those involving a minor, are not eligible to have their criminal records expunged. However if you were convicted of an eligible crime and meet all other requirements, you should speak with an attorney about expunging your record.

How Can I Expunge My Record?

The fastest and most reliable way of getting a record expunged is by hiring an experienced attorney. At LMW, we have an extensive background in representing criminal cases. If you are looking to have your criminal record expunged, do not wait and call LMW today!