What Are the Different Types of Probation? 

 May 21, 2013

By  LMW Attorneys

Probation is a sentencing alternative in criminal proceedings in Florida and across the United States. Probation is a sentence commonly imposed for lesser criminal offenses and, in more serious cases, for a first time offender. Probation actually comes in a few different forms. In other words, there is not one type of probationary sentence imposed in the state of Florida. If you, or a family member, face the prospect of a probationary sentence, it is important for you to understand these distinctions.

1. Unsupervised Probation

The least onerous type of probation is unsupervised. An unsupervised probation sentence does not require you to report to a probation officer or have a probation officer supervise you, or your activities. You may be ordered to pay a fine or satisfy some other obligation. If you fail to satisfy that obligation, you may jeopardize your unsupervised status.

3. Supervised Probation

Supervised probation involves oversight by a probation officer. You can expect to be required to make regular appointments with your probation officer to review your status and progress. For example, you may have to appear at the probation office once a month. The probation officer likely will make occasional visits to your residence and, possibly, even to your place of employment. You may face travel restrictions. In other words, you may not be able to leave your town for an extended period (or any period of time) without advance approval of your probation officer.

3. Intense Supervised Probation

Intense supervised probation will have far more significant reporting requirements. You may be obliged to report to the probation office weekly. You may be required to wear an ankle, or GPS, monitor to track your movements throughout the community. Under a sentence of intense supervised probation, you may be placed on home confinement. What this means is that you will be limited on when, and why, you can leave your residence. For example, you will be permitted to leave your home for work and, for appointments with your probation officer. You will be permitted to leave for counseling sessions. Other activities away from your home will need specific approval from your probation officer. As you can see, probation can prove to be quite a burden but these different types of probation can vary with how heavy the burden has to be. The first step in figuring out what obligations you’ll be strapped with, or finding out if you’re eligible for a less serious type of probation, is by contacting an attorney, such as LMW Attorneys.

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