New Port Richey Product Liability Lawyer

Products Liability Lawyer

The best way to understand product liability cases is this: if you are using a product that fails in its ordinary course of use causing injuries to you or a family member, then the manufacturer of the product may be liable for the injuries and/or damages.

These are extremely complicated cases that rarely settle without extensive litigation and often require expert involvement such as engineers, human factors experts, accident reconstruction experts, etc. Product failures can cause debilitating injuries and death. These cases can often happen at work, but injured parties are not given all the information and facts. You have options besides the regular worker’s compensation claims. Your employer may not have your best interests at heart so allow us to investigate at no cost to you.

If you were the original purchaser of the product, be sure to save your receipt and copies of any warranties you were provided at the time of the purchase. These can open the door to recovery of damages on different theories of law. Even if you don’t have the paperwork, call us immediately.

Remember, it is imperative that you retain the product in the failed state. DO NOT allow anyone else to take possession of the product until our experts have had an opportunity to examine it. Call us today to receive your free consultation from LMW Attorneys by phone or at our office located in Port Richey, Florida.

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