What is a Personal Injury Attorney? 

 June 4, 2013

By  LMW Attorneys

A personal injury attorney represents the legal rights of those who have been injured or have had their property damaged in an accident. A personal injury attorney can also represent family members of a loved one who has died in an accident and who wishes to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party. In the legal system, victims of these accidents are entitled to receive monetary compensation to pay for the physical losses and emotional harm that they have suffered.

Obtaining Damages in Your Case

Your case may involve intentional, or unintentional, torts that have been committed by another party. The basic rule of law that governs personal injury actions is that victims should not be responsible to pay for the torts of their tortfeasors. There are many forms of monetary compensation that you can seek in your case, and part of a personal injury lawyer’s job is to figure out the appropriate amounts of compensation to seek in your case.

The damages that are at issue in your case may be pain and suffering damages, lost wages, medical expenses, damages for emotional distress, damages for loss of a loved one and loss of consortium. Loss of consortium means that you have lost the ability to do something that you enjoy or a relationship of some sort, and that money damages should cover this significant loss that you have experienced.

Taking Your Case to Court

A personal injury attorney will first attempt to settle your case outside of court. An insurance company may be willing to offer you a greater sum of compensation after a personal injury attorney speaks with the insurance company. In some states, a personal injury attorney can still help you to pursue damages directly from a defendant, even if you have already received compensation from insurance companies. If a party refuses to settle a case outside of court, then a personal injury attorney will file a complaint to initiate proceedings for your case. Every state has a strict statute of limitations time period, so it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer who is familiar with the rules for your jurisdiction.

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