Peter A. Proly

In Loving Memory (1946-2013)

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Peter A. Proly (Founding Partner)

Pete Proly was one of the founding members of Proly, Laporte & Mulligan, P.A.. He was known throughout west-central Florida as an outstanding lawyer and family man. Pete’s word was his bond with every person he met, and he never met a person he didn’t like. Pete was a believer that there is good in everyone.

As an attorney, he was liked and respected by his peers and judges alike. His clients considered him a friend, and called him day and night. He would take their calls at all hours, and provide them with reassuring advice until he could meet with them in person.

In court, he was trusted by all concerned. He prided himself on building relationships with prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges and courtroom staff based on mutual trust and respect. He was once reported in the St. Petersburg Times (now The Tampa Bay Times) as “Plead ’em Out Pete” because of his reputation to get results for his clients that were often difficult for other attorneys to obtain.

Pete was the quintessential family man. Married with two children and two grandchildren, he cherished his family time, and guarded it closely. He was faithful in his church, but never wore his religion on his sleeve. Even with the most serious criminals whom he represented, he never preached to them. Instead, Pete would listen to them, and then provide them with sage advice and counsel. He always strived to convince his clients to do better for themselves.

Pete battled leukemia for nearly three years with amazing inner strength and dignity. He never lost hope that he would recover, and he never complained to others about his health. He was an inspiration to all who knew him. Pete was one of the “good guys” and the world is a lesser place without his presence.

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