New Port Richey Ordinance Violations Lawyer

Ordinance Violations Lawyer

Commonly people receive county code or ordinance violations from either a County Code Enforcement officer or from a law enforcement officer. These violations can range from things such as improperly parking RVs in your yard to failure to remove junk or trash from your yard to playing your stereo too loudly. Although these seem to be minor matters, ignoring them can lead to serious and unintended consequences.

These code notifications generally come in the form of a written citation and usually include a court date. They need to be taken seriously as failure to comply with the citation, and/or to appear before the Court as directed, can result in heavy fines and even jail. We have represented many individuals who called us after they were arrested for what should have been a simple matter to resolve, if properly handled.

Once arrested, even wrongfully, you have a criminal record that can affect your ability to get a job, rent property or many other facets of life. It is much more expensive to handle these cases after the fact than before an arrest is made. You need someone to represent you and your interest.

Call us for a free consultation by phone or at our office in Port Richey, Florida to discuss your situation if you have received a code violation notice.

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