Next Steps When You Are Part of an Alcohol Related Accident 

 April 22, 2013

By  LMW Attorneys

For years, the general public has punished Americans for driving intoxicated and causing accidents and damage while under the influence of alcohol. However, in recent years, more of the public is noticing that alcoholics don’t have control over their drinking and that some burden should be put on the people serving alcoholics. If you’re a Florida resident that is habitually addicted to alcohol to the point of intoxication, somebody is over-serving you. If you get in an accident that causes damage, the damages may be the responsibility of the restaurant or business, due to their over-serving of alcohol.

Legal Rights When You Are a Part of an Alcohol-Related Accident

Alcoholism is common among the general public and often refers to those with problems caused by alcohol. It is estimated there are over 140 million people dealing with alcoholism worldwide. Alcohol can cause many drinkers to become compulsive and consume alcohol uncontrollably regardless of their health, relationships, and other important factors in their lives. Some drinkers become dependent on alcohol and must drink every day to avoid terrible withdrawal symptoms. Because there are many alcoholics that habitually drink on a regular basis without control, the State of Florida has enacted legislation to put responsibility on the people selling alcohol in order to make sure that they are not serving somebody that could cause harm to others or damages.

Florida’s Dram Shop Act is a Florida Statute that states that people who are injured or cause damage to property have a right of action against those that serve alcoholic drinks if the person serving knows that the intoxicated is habitually drunk or obviously under the influence. With this law, two parties are responsible to try to limit the frequency of alcohol-related accidents.

LMW Attorneys Port Richey Lawyers Will Defend Your Personal Injury Legal Rights

If you live in the Port Richey, FL area and have caused damage or personal injury due to the over-consumption of alcohol while somebody knowingly served you too much alcohol, it’s important to contact an attorney to see if you have a case to pursue action against the business that over-served you. For those with businesses that serve alcohol, you must be very careful who you serve too much alcohol to. It may also be wise to purchase liability coverage to protect your business from a lawsuit from customer damage. Contact Laporte, Mulligan & Werner-Watkins, P.A. today to get started.