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Negligent Security

As a business guest or invitee, you are owed a duty of care by the business to provide you with a safe environment. If the business is aware (or should be aware) of a security concern and fails to adequately act to prevent injuries to customers, the business can be held responsible for the customer’s damages.

As an example: if a hotel in a crime ridden neighborhood, with past history of room invasions, does not take reasonable precautions to protect its guests from attacks, then the hotel could be held responsible for damages and injuries caused from such invasions and attacks.

These cases require extensive investigations into past events in the vicinity of the business as well as past complaints filed by their customers. We can help discover the information and details necessary to support your case. If you have been injured in an attack by someone while on a business location, contact us immediately, by phone or by visiting our office in Port Richey, Florida, so we can properly and thoroughly investigate the possibility the business bears fault for your injuries.

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