Why is Motorcycle Insurance Important? 

 March 21, 2013

By  LMW Attorneys

One of the joys of Florida and the Port Richey are the beautiful and scenic drives. Being out on a motorcycle is one of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful environment we are privileged to enjoy.

Unfortunately for many motorcyclists, the sightseers are out in large numbers, too. They are often more interested in the scenery than the other people on the road, much less you and your fellow motorcyclists. The dangers to the biker are well known, what is seldom appreciated is what happens when the inattentive driver causes an accident and there isn’t enough insurance to foot any of the bills.

No Lectures, Just Facts

There are over 250,000 spinal cord injuries and 1.5 million traumatic brain injuries each year. In both categories, motorcycle accidents are one of the major causes of the injuries. A 27-year old with a spinal cord injury faces more than a million dollars in lifetime medical care.

You have the freedom in Florida to assume the risk of no insurance, but it is a risk that few understand. It is easy to think that a few dollars saved a month is a good deal, but it is really a bad gamble. It is estimated that as many as 11 percent of all Florida drivers are on the road with no insurance or inadequate insurance. With that number of uninsured and underinsured drivers, you’re not putting your future in your hands; you are leaving it with those that simply don’t care.

In fact, the risks are so great that some insurance coverage is not available to motorcyclists in Florida. Yet, if you are found guilty of causing an accident or property damage, you are held personally liable. The awarded damages can easily wipe out any personal net worth and cause long-term financial damage, even before considering your own medical bills or expenses.

What Just a Little Insurance Can Do for You

The majority of motorcyclists survive the roads because they are responsible drivers and are defensive minded. In short, they take care of themselves. Using that same attitude about carrying what insurance you are allowed to is also a smart, defensive move for you to take. Why risk your financial security and medical treatment to some four-wheeler checking out the sunset one evening on one of those drives that doesn’t end the way you planned. Check it out today, you’ll be surprised how little the independence costs you.