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Liquor Liability Attorney

Liquor liability cases are also referred to as “dram shop” cases. Businesses (bars, lounges and restaurants) that sell liquor have strict statutory guidelines about the type of person to whom they can and can’t sell liquor. If the establishment sells liquor to someone known to be “habitually addicted to alcohol” to the point of intoxication, and that person injuries a 3rd party, the establishment may be legally liable for the damages and injuries caused by the intoxicated person. This is most commonly seen in cases where a drunk patron leaves a bar and causes an automobile accident after leaving the establishment.

If an establishment sells liquor to a person under the age of 21, the law is even stricter. The injured party does not even need to prove the business knew the drunk patron was a minor.

These cases are very fact specific and require extensive and immediate investigation in order to establish liability on the establishment. Establishments often “hide” the evidence or coach their employees about what to say if asked about an incident. Our firm can handle these complicated details on your behalf and establish the strength of your case. So call us immediately for a free consultation by phone or at our office located in Port Richey, Florida.

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