Is It too Late to Find an Attorney? 

 September 22, 2014

By  LMW Attorneys

It’s always best to hire an attorney as soon as possible. The statute of limitations requires that if you want to file a lawsuit, you have to do so in a specified period of time. The amount of time you have to file depends on the nature of the case as well as other factors surrounding the case, but most do have a time limit. This is extremely important because waiting too long to file a case and hire a lawyer can prevent you from being able to file a suit at all. While the limitation periods differ, here are some reasons why you should hire an attorney sooner rather than later.

Loss of Evidence

Hiring a lawyer right away is imperative because each day that goes by is another chance to lose credible evidence. Consider this: you and your loved one are hit by a drunk driver, leaving you in critical condition and causing your loved one to pass away. By hiring a lawyer immediately, they will be able to experience every bit of the case and further help your case in court—they can arrive at the scene of the crime and see the aftermath of the accident and speak with witnesses—they can visit you in the hospital and take into account your injuries—they can attend your loved one’s funeral and see the devastation the drunk driver caused firsthand. These are things that would not be possible if you hired a lawyer a few months after the incident. By hiring a lawyer right away, they will be able to present your case and the surrounding evidence to the jury in a more effective manner.

Attorneys May be Less Likely to Work With You

The longer you wait to file a claim and hire a lawyer, the less likely lawyers will be to work with you, so hiring a lawyer right away is crucial if you plan to file a claim. Typically, respected lawyers like to avoid cases with looming deadlines since these time restraints can make it harder for them to effectively defend your rights.

Someone Else Could Hire a Lawyer Sooner

Consider you were involved in an accident where another party was injured or passed away. Even if it wasn’t your fault, the other party could have hired a lawyer before you which means they are already ahead, especially if they’re seeking damages.

Whatever the case, hiring a lawyer as soon as possible is usually your best bet. Waiting to hire a lawyer can limit the amount of evidence your case has, can hinder you from hiring the best attorney, or could even prevent you from filing a lawsuit altogether. If you need the help of a legal professional, contact LMW Attorneys. Our experienced team can effectively defend your rights after an accident or other legal situations. For more information, contact LMW Attorneys today.