Justice 4 Jeepers

Have you been ducked?

What is Justice 4 Jeepers?

Craig Laporte, a founding member of our firm, is also a very proud Jeep owner. Over the last couple of years Craig started to notice that his Jeep would occasionally get "ducked". He also started to notice that other Jeeps were getting "ducked" too. What he would come to find out is that the Jeep community is a very tight-knit group united by their love of Jeeps.

Because the premise of "ducking" a jeep is to bring a smile to a fellow Jeep owner's face, Craig had the idea to expand this goodwill within our community as much as we could.  And thus, the Justice 4 Jeepers ducks were born...or "hatched". 

What is "ducking" a Jeep?

This is the act of "ducking" or placing a rubber duck on someone's Jeep! This means the owner got "ducked" and has to continue on by planting another rubber duck in someone else's Jeep.

Justice 4 Jeepers mission is to help spread the Jeep love.

You can place the duck on the dash, fender, bumper, or even hang it from the mirror. The choice is yours!

How do I "duck" a Jeep?

1. First things first, you have to have ducks - we have them available here in our office if you'd like to stop by and pick some up (you can find directions here)

2. Find a Jeep to duck - All Jeeps are welcome!

3. Place the duck on a spot that is visible to the driver.

4. Wait and watch, or leave! The choice is yours..

What Jeeps can be ducked?

You might be asking yourself, "What Jeeps are allowed to be ducked?".

The answer is, all Jeeps! Many people think that it is only Wranglers. But it can include the Cherokee, Compass, Renegade, Gladiator, etc.

Everyone in the Jeep community is very friendly and positive. Which deserves a duck to brighten their day and bring a smile to their face!

Share your ducking!

Take a photo of a Jeep that you have ducked and post it on Facebook with the hashtag #justice4jeepers! Or, connect with us and post a photo of your Jeep to our page.

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