Frances Werner-Watkins: A Leading Lady 

 March 12, 2014

By  LMW Attorneys

Young girls may find it difficult to become leaders, but that shouldn’t be the case. Frances Werner-Watkins provides young girls with an excellent example to follow if they want to become leaders in the New Port Richey community in Florida. Her ascension to this position of leadership didn’t happen overnight, but she works hard to maintain her status. She accomplishes her goals and fights for what she believes in. She encourages other people to do the same regardless of their age or gender. Frances is one leading lady that can teach and inspire young girls in New Port Richey in new ways.

Frances has been an attorney in the New Port Richey area for over 15 years. Her main area of expertise and concentration is juvenile law, where she serves as a defense attorney. One of her biggest interests is truancy among adolescents in schools. She is also a big believer in ending bullying and harassment. Her involvement in school systems makes her an ideal defense attorney for children who have been arrested for crimes. She understands their social and educational atmosphere better than most attorneys. She knows that being involved in a child’s education is a worthy pursuit that will help that child for the rest of his or her life.

Frances knows that the best way to prevent crime is to educate young people before they commit those crimes. Only through educational means will students understand how their crimes could affect others as well as the consequences for themselves. That’s why Frances was a trainer for the Teen Court program for six years, where she relished the opportunity to influence young people to do what they feel deep down in their hearts is the right thing to do in any situation. The impact of a role model like Frances is hard to gauge in this regard.

Young girls should take a look at everything Frances brings to the table. She is not only a successful attorney, but she is also a person with strong beliefs. She will do anything she can to stick to those beliefs and use her strength to help others. That’s what a real leader is. If young girls in the New Port Richey area wish to become leaders in the future, they need to look no further than the career and life of Frances Werner-Watkins. She is a true leading lady that anyone can be proud to call an inspiration.