How to Find a Good Criminal Defense Attorney 

 May 28, 2013

By  LMW Attorneys

This is a very simple statement, but one that I cannot stress enough as the absolute truth. If you have been charged with any type of crime, immediately seek legal representation. Do not wait to “see how things play out.” Do not believe that you can aggressively represent yourself. Just find a good defense attorney and let them do their job.

How To Find A Good Criminal Defense Attorney

There are specific things you should look for when you are trying to hire a defense attorney. The following tips should help you find the type of representation that you need.

• Look For Specialty Lawyers. When you have a medical condition, you do not go to any type of doctor. You look for a doctor that specializes in that type of ailment so that you receive the best medical care. The same applies to legal representation. Look for an attorney that handles your specific type of charge, so that you receive the best representation.

• Research the Firm. You want to know if the firm, and attorney, that you have selected is qualified to handle your type of case. Read their bios on their website and research the firm on the Internet. See what is out there about them to determine if they are what you need. Many times you can get the type of insight that you need about the attorney, such as their win ratio, from their bios.

• Ask Family and Friends. You will be amazed by how much information you can get about a layer, or a firm, from you friends and family. Lawyers build reputations, good or bad, and people in your local area will know these reputations.

• Ask For References. When you meet with the attorney, or prior to the initial consultation, ask for references. You would ask for references from someone who is going to repair your roof, so you should feel just as comfortable asking for references from someone that is trying to keep you out of jail.

In conclusion, what fits the bill of a good defense firm is one filled with qualified defense attorneys that have experience, good success-rate, and a common sense approach to even the most difficult cases. We are proud to say that we believe that LMW Attorneys fits that bill.