Am I Eligible to be Taken Off the Sex Offenders Registry? 

 October 16, 2014

By  LMW Attorneys

Florida has over 61,000 registered sex offenders, the most of any state. While the registry is meant to inform and protect the public from those convicted of sex crimes, there are many, non-violent offenders who do not pose any kind of threat to the public.

Being on the sex offender registry controls your life; It determines where you can live, work and how others view you. Learn your rights, and find out if you are eligible to be removed from the sex offenders registry.

“Romeo + Juliet” Law

In 2007, the state of Florida passed Statute 943.04354, better known as the Romeo and Juliet law. This was a way of protecting teenagers from the sex offender list. The law was named after Romeo and Juliet due to the age difference between the famous literary couple.

The way the law worked previously, if a couple was 16 and 18, and engaged in consensual intercourse, the 18 year old could be placed on the sex offenders registry. Now if the victim is between the ages of 14 and 17, the sex was consensual, and there is no more than a four year age difference, then the offender can be taken off the sex offender registry.

It is important to note however that this law does not make it legal for an adult to have sex with a minor. It is still illegal, and the offender may still face jail time or probation. All the Romeo and Juliet law does is protect them from is being put on the registry. If someone was put on the registry prior to this law being passed, they are now eligible to be taken off.

Contact an Attorney

If you believe that you are eligible to be removed from the sex offender registry, contact the attorneys at LMW for assistance. We have experience working with sex offenders, and will be able to review your case, and determine if you can be taken off the registry. Don’t delay, call LMW today to schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.