What is Considered a Lewd Act? 

 January 19, 2019

By  LMW Attorneys

A lewd act, also referred to as lewd conduct or a lascivious act, is considered a criminal offense by the Federal government throughout all 50 states. While the penalties for lewd conduct vary from misdemeanors to felonies, lewd acts can have a lasting effect on your future.

Lewd Act Definition | Lewd Act Meaning

A lewd act is any unlawful doing committed by an individual with the purpose of arousing sexual interest of himself or herself, or the person towards which the lewd act is directed. While lewd behavior covers a variety of incidents, the most common charges result from the following acts.

4 Lewd Conduct Examples

1. Prostitution: Prostitution is often considered an act of lewd behavior. Prostitution is commonly defined as a sexual act that is offered, performed or accepted in exchange for money or other goods. Generally, prostitution is a misdemeanor offense for both the prostitute and the “client.”

2. Indecent Exposure: Indecent exposure is a form of lewd conduct. Indecent exposure ranges from something as minor as sunbathing naked or urinating in public to a more severe act. While the first act of indecent exposure is only a misdemeanor, any subsequent charges will be considered felonies. An indecent exposure felony can be punishable by up to eight years in prison.

3. Child Pornography: Possessing and/or distributing child pornography is considered a lewd act. Consequences include mandatory sex offender registration and imprisonment among other severe repercussions.

4. Child Molestation: Child molestation is a serious crime that is often considered an act of lewd behavior. Child molestation is defined as sexually abusing a child under the age of 18. This act is considered a criminal offense and carries harsh penalties including extensive jail time, a lifetime requirement to register as a child sexual offender, a tarnished reputation and more.

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