Common Problems with Medical Providers 

 January 16, 2014

By  LMW Attorneys

As with any other type of business, medical providers have more than their fair share of problems. However, in this line of work, these problems can actually be downright dangerous to the communities and families that they may serve. Mistakes made can have a life altering impact on their patients, costing them health and wellness, enjoyment and ultimately financial repercussions. Despite popular belief, many of these problems are a fairly common form of medical negligence.

Common Medical Provider Problems

One of the most common problems of many medical providers is under-staffing, specifically with nurse staffing. Nurses are typically responsible for medication administration, physician orders and several other integral aspects of the business. A shortage can spell out big trouble for those under the care of the physician. Faulty medical equipment, lack of equipment and poor patient identification methods is also another cause of dilemma for patients. Also, many providers are under fire for health care associated illnesses. These are illnesses that could have been prevented had the appropriate measures been taken by the healthcare facility such as pneumonia, staph and several other infections.

How These Problems Can Affect the Patient

Any of the above mentioned problems could be huge problems for the patient. This can include but is not limited to receiving substandard care, receiving medications late or not at all, receiving the wrong medications, wrong diagnosis and unnecessary treatments and/or tests that pose health risks. Those suffering from health care associated infections may require lengthy treatments and painful medical procedures. While some of these things may seem minor, they are not. This may considered negligent behavior, the effects can be long lasting and they can cause death in some circumstances.

Combating These Problems

Those that have been affected by some of the common problems of a medical practice do have rights and holding these healthcare professionals responsible for their actions is possible. As a matter of fact, there are laws in place to help protect victims of medical malpractice and substandard care. When personal injury results from the poor practices or care of a patient, the victim may be eligible for compensation through the courts. No matter how minor the injury may seem in nature, it could easily become a major issue. Victims are encouraged to consult with an experienced attorney to see if their situation was affected by common medical practice problems.