Can Visitors with Medical Marijuana Prescriptions Use in Florida? 

 May 16, 2014

By  LMW Attorneys

Now that some states allow medical marijuana while others don’t, what are the laws or regulations for traveling with the drug? If you have a medical marijuana prescription, can you legally travel to another state while in possession of marijuana?

It’s a well-known notion that many retirees travel to Florida during the winter, also known as “Snow Birds.” For those traveling from states such as Washington or California caution should be taken if you are carrying marijuana of any kind, whether it be for medical or recreational purposes.

Does Florida Accept Out of State Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Cards?

No. Know that even if you have a license in another state, that doesn’t mean you will be able to register here in Florida either.

Leave the Plants at Home

Transportation of marijuana plants, including medical marijuana plants, is restricted, even in states where medical marijuana is legalized. The plants can only be transported if a patient is bringing the plants from a dispensary to their home or if a patient is moving residences. So, unless you are moving, then leave the plants at home.

Traveling out of State With Marijuana

Medical marijuana patients, including those traveling to Florida, need to note that they will not be able to travel with the drug in most cases. Please be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Even if you are registered in your home state and have a prescription, if you are traveling to or through a state where medical marijuana is not legal, then you can be arrested for possession of marijuana.
  • If you cross state lines with medical marijuana, you can be arrested for drug trafficking, a federal offense.
  • If you are traveling to a state that acknowledges other state’s medical marijuana cards, then you can register in that state and buy medical marijuana there instead.

Overall, it is best to avoid traveling across state lines in non-legalized states, such as Florida. Doing so can avoid any trouble with the law and possible incarceration.

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