LMW Says Goodbye

All of us at LMW Attorneys were terribly saddened at losing our founding partner, Pete Proly, on May 10, 2013. Everyone who ever had contact with Pete knew he was a fighter, an athlete and a truly outstanding human being. He carried these attributes through his battle with Leukemia, never giving up hope that he...
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What are the Different Degrees of Theft?

“Theft” is the term for the taking, or use, of another person’s property. Florida law has many different levels of theft, each with different punishments. The levels are determined by the value of the property taken. Degrees and Levels of Theft Generally, theft is divided into two different levels: grand theft and petit theft. Here is a...
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How Do I Get My License Back?

Suspended or revoked means you’ve lost your driver’s license. Getting it back is literally a question of time. Both charges are serious, but a suspended license is the lesser of two evils. A suspended license is a temporary punishment. Let’s say you received too many speeding tickets, and your driving privileges are suspended for six...
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Code Violations in Florida

Code enforcement throughout the United States generally involves maintaining a certain level of public and environmental health and safety. Code violations are those things that are seen as a threat to public health, safety and welfare. Such violations can involve unregistered vehicles, construction being done without proper permits, noise ordinance issues, or complaints of overgrown...
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