How to Legally Own a Gun in Florida

Gun laws in Florida regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition. Florida is a “shall issue” state, and issues concealed carry licenses to both residents and non-residents. In addition, Florida recognizes licenses from any other state which recognizes Florida’s license, provided the non-resident individual is a resident of the other state and...
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What Is Litigation?

Litigation is a word many of us are familiar with, but aren’t exactly sure what it entails. Put simply, litigation is a broad term that includes almost every kind of legal action against a person. The word simply refers to the overall legal process in which one party (the plaintiff) takes legal action against another...
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The Complete Guide to Avoiding Driver’s License Trouble in Florida

Although it should go without saying, many individuals forget that driving is not a right, but a privilege that is earned. While almost everyone will get a ticket for a driving infraction in their lifetime (41 million speeding tickets are written annually!), too many driving infractions can lead to serious consequences. No one wants to...
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What Is Product Liability?

Each year, defective or dangerous products cause hundreds of thousands of injuries in the United States alone. By determining who is responsible for a defective or dangerous product, product liability law works to protect those who sustain injuries. Product liability cases are very complicated and are seldom settled without extensive litigation. Many cases require expert...
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