New Port Richey Assault and Battery Lawyer

Assault and Battery Lawyer

Battery and assault charges range from misdemeanors to felonies, but regardless of the type of charge, all are extremely serious and quick action on the part of your attorney is very important. We need to present your side to the State as quickly as possible so the State can know the entire story BEFORE they decide to file formal charges.

Once charges have been filed, possible sentences range from probation and counseling, to jail or even prison. If you have been charged with battery/assault there are many Diversion programs available for first time offenders. This process allows charges to be dismissed if certain conditions are satisfied.

Because restitution is often an issue in these cases, it is important to verify with the State the amounts owed to make sure you are not paying more than a fair amount. Let us represent you for the best possible outcome. Contact us immediately for a free consultation by phone or at our office in Port Richey, Florida.

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