Alternative Sentencing Options for Minors 

 March 19, 2015

By  LMW Attorneys

There are a number of reasons why a minor could commit a crime, even if there is an absence of malice. It could stem from a lack of supervision, low family income, mental health problems, or other issues. While these offenses are serious, their mistakes should not follow them into adulthood. Reformation should be considered in a lot of these cases. Instead of putting them into a juvenile detention facility or trying them as an adult, the following sentencing alternatives could be considered for a minor charged with a crime:


A mentorship is ideal for someone who lacks a role model in his or her life. A mentor would listen to the minor’s problems and offer guidance in any way they can. This would be direct one-on-one attention they may not be getting at home or from family members. A mentoree would have someone to look up to and possibly follow the mentor’s positive life choices.


Drug abuse, if left untreated by a minor, could only get worse in adulthood. An offense at an older age could lead to time in prison. The earlier the rehabilitation process starts, the better the teen’s chances are of dropping the habit. Every individual case varies, as will each teen rehab center, but everyone is hoping for the same result.

There are different types of teen rehabilitation centers. Some offer teens a place to live, potentially taking them out of their destructive and tempting environments. Other centers are per visit only. Most of these programs last between 30 and 90 days.

Community Service

Community service can range anywhere from tutoring to visiting and assisting at a children’s hospital. Community service places minors in a positive environment that encourages them to help others. In doing so, they will meet a lot of people who will be appreciative of their work and possibly give them additional opportunities.

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