What to Do After a Fender Bender 

 November 5, 2015

By  LMW Attorneys

Auto accidents cost American drivers more than $230 billion annually. Even though thousands of accidents take place every single day, many drivers are unsure of their own rights and responsibilities following a collision. Here is a closer look at the steps that you can take following a fender bender to protect your finances and your driving record.

Make Sure Everyone Is Safe, Even in a Minor Car Accident

Those that are involved in an accident should see if everyone is safe and call an ambulance if needed. Drivers and passengers will often feel a surge of adrenaline immediately after an accident, and this means that they might not feel their injuries until the next day. Those that are in doubt should contact their doctor or head to the hospital to assess and treat any potential injuries.

Start Collecting Information

Every driver that is involved in an accident has a legal responsibility to share their contact and insurance information with all other drivers. This should include their name, phone number and their insurance provider. Drivers are not obligated to share other personal information such as their driver’s license number. Once this information has been exchanged, it is best to speak to the other drivers as little as possible. Anything that is said immediately following an accident could be used against you later. Drivers should also spend some time either taking pictures of the scene or writing down what happened in their own words.

Contact the Police

A minor fender bender might not require a police officer, but any drivers that are unsure of their legal responsibilities after a collision should contact the police. Drivers are required to contact the police if the accident damage exceeds $500 or if the accident resulted in any injuries. A police officer will typically make sure that everyone is safe and then write a short report on the accident. This report can be used at a later time to help build your case. If you do decide to contact the police, then you should collect the officer’s name and badge number.

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