5 St. Patrick’s Day Precautions (to Keep You Out of Jail) 

 March 14, 2014

By  LMW Attorneys

Saint Patrick’s Day can be a fun experience for everyone. Unfortunately, some people drink too much. This has caused police in New Port Richey to increase enforcement during the holiday. Anyone who is planning on going out on Saint Patrick’s Day should take five precautions to avoid going to jail.

Bring a DD

The chance of being arrested on Saint Patrick’s Day are far less when going out with a sober friend. Brining along a DD provides a few advantages. A sober friend will help to make good decisions as the day goes on so that everyone stays out of trouble. Sober friends can also provide objective and reasonable advice.

Limit the Number of Drinks

The best precaution on Saint Patrick’s Day is to limit the number of alcoholic drinks during your time out. The body is only able to safely process one average drink every hour. Anyone who is at a bar or party should try to make sure not to drink more than this amount. Drinking too quickly will cause a person to become tipsy and then drunk. This can result in an arrest for public intoxication.

Do Not Stay Out All Night

The presence of police in New Port Richey will increase as the night goes on. Police will also become gradually more suspicious of anyone on the streets. A good precaution is to try to get home before it becomes too late. Staying out late will increase the odds of running into a group of troublemakers or intoxicated partiers. Just being near people like this on the street could cause police to arrest everyone in the immediate area. Planning to get home early will keep everyone safe and out of jail.

Be Prepared to Stay Overnight

Anyone who is traveling a long way to see a friend or attend a party will want to be prepared to stay overnight. Drinking and then trying to find the way back home can cause problems with police. Police might even have traffic stops where they check the alcohol levels of drivers and pedestrians. Staying overnight with a friend will keep everyone clear of these risks.

Carry the Name and Number of a Lawyer

There is always a chance of an encounter with police when on out Saint Patrick’s Day. An effective precaution is to carry the name and number of an attorney in New Port Richey when going out. Calling a lawyer right away after an arrest can make it easier to avoid charges and get out of a holding cell fast.