5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney 

 October 16, 2013

By  LMW Attorneys

A criminal offense attorney can help an individual get out of trouble and regain their freedom. While this is true, it is necessary to interview a lawyer to ask the right questions to decide if he or she is a good fit.

With that being said, here are five questions to ask a criminal defense attorney before hiring them.


Lawyers, usually, handle a single area of law. A potential client must ask the legal professional what area of law he or she practices. This is a critical question to ask as a person because you should use a lawyer who possesses plenty of real-world experience in criminal cases. If this is not the case, the accused must keep looking for a qualified person to represent them in court.


A qualified person should have some wins under his or her belt. To verify this, one should ask for some references from the lawyer. Provided they check-out, a client should have no issue using the services of an attorney. One must make sure to check multiple references so they can get a true feel for the situation.


Now, this is a tricky question to ask for some, but it is beneficial to know what the lawyer will charge. Fortunately, in most law offices, one can get an honest, up-front quote for services.

However, it is essential to verify this beforehand, so there are no surprises at the end. Furthermore, an individual who cannot pay easily can ask if there are any payment plans or discounts for people with low incomes.


Some lawyers are quick to take payments and sign-up clients but fail to do more. For this reason, one must verify how they can communicate with the law-offices. Ideally, a client should have the lawyer’s direct number and email-address, so they have quick communication.


Most of the time, a lawyer will walk a customer through the entire legal process. This is often necessary for a client who fears the legal system and wants some reassurance. When doing this, the accused can relax and will know that they have a professional on their side that will fix the indiscretion.

When asking these five questions, a client can understand the process and save themselves many problems.