10 Most Notorious Crimes Committed in the Name of Love 

 February 11, 2016

By  LMW Attorneys

Love can do funny things to people. However, it can also make people do some really crazy things. Crimes of passion take place all the time. The news is full of events that occurred because of jealous, heartbroken or crazed lovers. Here are the top ten most notorious crimes that have been committed in the name of love.

Man Kills Wife’s Teenage Lover

Tennessee man killed his wife’s teenage lover when he was sitting outside of the couple’s home. Eric McLean claims that he suspected the teen, Sean Powell, was stalking his wife, who was also Powell’s former teacher. McLean was convicted of a reckless homicide with probation, but later won a custody battle over his sons.

Skydiver Falls to Death by Jealous Rival

Els Clottemans and Els Van Doren had more in common than their first names and their love for parachuting. These two Belgian women also shared the same lover. After jumping from the plane, Van Doren’s parachute and safety did not open, leading her to plunge to her death from over two miles in the air. It was later found that the parachute was tampered with, and Clottemans was eventually found guilty of the murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Teen Love Triangle Turns Deadly

After two Florida teenagers—Rachel Wade and Sarah Ludemann—found out they were dating the same boy, they had it out for each other. Their online taunts turned into real violence when they met for a fistfight. Wade pulled out a steak knife and stabbed Ludemann in the heart, killing her. Wade was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 27 years in prison.

Mother Kills Brain-Damaged Son With Heroin Overdose

In 2008, Frances Inglis killed her 22-year-old son, Tom, by injecting him with a lethal dose of heroin. He had suffered from severe brain damage and had been in a vegetative state since falling out of a moving ambulance the year prior. Inglis was found guilty of murder and attempted murder, and was ordered to serve a minimum of nine years (though her sentence was later reduced to five years).

Husband and Mistress Co-Kidnap and Kill

A husband and his mistress kidnapped his wife, murdered her and buried her body in the backyard of the mistress’s mother’s home. Carr is one of only five women on Florida’s death row, and Florida Supreme Court affirms her death sentence for first-degree murder.

Navy Sailor Kills Teen in Love Triangle With Teacher

Navy sailor came home to find his girlfriend in bed with one of her students. The sailor heard noises coming from the bedroom and grabbed a knife on his way there to investigate. He ended up stabbing the student to death.

Man’s Penis Cut off by Wife

In 1993, John Bobbitt awoke to his wife Lorena hacking off a portion of his manhood. She claimed that he had sexually abused her over the years. The piece was found and reattached successfully. The jury found Lorena L. Bobbitt not guilty of all criminal charges, deducing that she was temporarily insane at the time of this event.

MVP Quarterback Murdered by Girlfriend

Football Quarterback Steve McNair was murdered by his girlfriend who killed herself right after. Police suspect she murdered him after finding out that McNair had been cheating on her.

Marvin Gaye Shot by His Father

In 1984, famous singer-songwriter Marvin Gaye was murdered by his father during an argument. Things turned physical, and Marvin Sr. ended up shooting his son in the chest. Gaye’s father received a six-year suspended jail sentence for manslaughter.

Phil Hartman and His Wife Die in Murder-Suicide

Actor and comedian Phil Hartman was shot to death by his wife Brynn, who committed suicide shortly after murdering Phil.

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